Assessment tools for Life and Career Development

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The Body Life Assessment System

The Body Life Assessment System was specifically developed to give individuals an opportunity to discover who God has uniquely and creatively designed them to be, so they can prayerfully decide how to best “fit” their design into ministry. Considering the greater mission of the church, we all have specific roles to play, roles that God has designed and equipped us to fulfill. God lovingly creates us with interests, talents, personalities, and desires. He bestows upon us Spirit-powered gifts to build up His body for service to Him. In serving others, we honor and glorify Him through our witness of Christ’s love for all. Many ask, “How do I know what my role is?” Answering this question sets the trajectory of your life toward the adventure God has for you. Once you know your passion, you will know your calling. Once you know your calling, you gain a view towards your Destiny.


Wired for Life: What to do with who you are

Regardless of whether you are a baby-boomer who just can’t wait to dump your career and get on with the second half of your life, a thirty or forty-something-professional who knows, without a doubt, that you could be doing something more significant with your life, or a college student who is totally confused about which direction to go in life, you can figure out what you honestly have to offer the world, and you won’t have to get an additional degree to get at this important information. This isn’t a hollow promise. If you take the journey laid-out in this small book, you will have gone through the same process that we have been successfully using with clients for the last 25 years. The only difference is that you won’t have to come to an office and fork over hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to get it. Your total investment in this process, if approached seriously, won’t take but two weeks out of your life. The rewards of personal, relational and professional fulfillment, however, will go with you for the rest of your life. So we invite you on a journey into discovering "What to do with Who You Are."


Dealing with the Kid in your Head: Removing the Head Trash from your life and relationships

In our experience most people we run into think that the reasons for them not being able reach their ‘true’ potential are: 
• A lack of talent or ability 
• Negative personality traits 
• Lack of opportunity 
• Lack of money 
• Bad luck 
While the items in the above list can certainly impact one’s chances at a 
career or relational success, there is one thing that stands out as number one reason: a form of self-sabotage known as “Head Trash.” And it all started a long time ago when we weren’t even aware that it was taking place.  We may look like adults on the outside, but on the inside we have a Kid in our Head who is trying to call the shots in life, getting its signals from beliefs that were developed long ago while in childhood. Most of us feel like we have two lives: the life we are living... and the life we would like to live. Between the two stands the Kid in your head, wreaking havoc on our careers, relationships, and lives.  With insight gained from over three decades of professional Coaching, author Steven Johnson reveals the ways that the Kid in our head holds us back in our careers, relationships, and life, keeping us from achieving our potential and preventing us from achieving our dreams.


The Pathmaker 1 and 2

Have you ever purchased a jigsaw puzzle primarily because of the picture on the box? For some reason, it caught your eye—and your imagination. Perhaps as you look at it, you thought how wonderful it would be to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and create that finished product. Yet later your enthusiasm turned to frustration. Many started out life with high expectations and enthusiasm after hearing bold promises such as, “You can become anything you want to become if you just want it badly enough!” Taking these words to heart, they develop an attractive “finished picture” in their mind’s eye for what their life ideally would look like. They saw themselves using their skills in meaningful, significant work, accomplishing great things and enjoying life immensely. Yet for a variety of reasons, untold numbers of these people have ended up in frustration. Their picture never has quite come together. Like an unfinished puzzle, they never have seemed to fit all the pieces together into something that works. So finally, they’ve packed up their hopes and dreams for a worthwhile, satisfying work life. Like the unused puzzle, their skills and talents are now, more or less, on the shelf. That doesn’t have to happen to you! You don’t have to be puzzled about where you belong in the workplace. You can go to work with a sense of purpose, knowing where you fit best and what you are cut out to do. Pathmaker can help you get started in discovering your life’s purpose.