What people say about us

What Our Organizational Development Clients say about us...

Their system is very straightforward and was very successful in building a solid foundation for growth. We took the business national from 30 people to well over 100. Everyone had a clear direction of what we were doing and their role in the process. We set expectations and managed to them. The morale is unbelievably great here because of it and the changes we have made.”  

S. Sax, CEO  -Lender

“They were able to steer the strategic direction
of both the CEO and the Board of Directors to better target opportunities within the marketplace. Then, by coaching down to the organization, they were able to kick-start the organization to meet those strategic goals.” 

G. Walker, CRO  - Financial Organization

“I think where these guys really shine is in understanding the unique situations that leaders are in and customizing a plan to help them develop the potential of their team.”
C.  O’Donnell, Manager, Operations Research—Aerospace Company

“They were able to show us how to develop an infrastructure that enabled us to achieve our vision and mission. They took a philosophical vision and made it
reality, giving us a model that enabled us to manage the whole operation systematically. They were able to take a complex organization and bring it into simplified professionalism”
David Cramm, SVP of Operations - Bank Mortgage Lenders

“They are best at coaching and consulting on organizational change and development-taking a business to the next level of
performance-by optimizing staff performance and development.”

S. Seefried, CEO—Credit Union



What Ministry leaders have to say about us....


"I hardly ever publicly endorse other ministries, but…I believe every T-Net church can benefit from a ministry called Strategic People Development, led by my long-time friend and adjunct professor at Denver Seminary, Steve Johnson. Their ministry has helped both ministry staff and church members in churches like Moody Church, East Lansing Trinity Church, Belmont Church in Nashville, and so many others to become more fulfilled and productive.” 

B. Gilliam, CEO, T-Net/Ministry Placement Network

“After using Strategic People Development’s Chemistry Match Assessment tool, I wouldn’t consider hiring a staff member without it.” 

B. Krulish, Director of Pastoral Staff, Greenwood Community Church

Once I discovered how I was ‘wired,’ it became clear as to why I struggled with some of my pastoral roles, and why I needed to recruit or hire those that are gifted in the areas that I’m not. I’ve spent too many years trying to be someone that God hasn’t created me to be.” 

A. Robinson, Pastor, The Journey Church

“After running our young people through the “Discovering Your Personal Life Mission” process, we realized its value and had Strategic People Development customize the process into our two-year leadership development program. It is working very well."

J. Johnsen, The Issachar House


"I have served at my Church since 1994. During this season, we have experienced various seasons of growth and contraction. Six months ago, I was introduced to Steven Johnson of Strategic People Development. At the elder’s request, Steve took our associate pastor through his coaching process to help him better understand himself, his purpose, and his fit in ministry. Steve presented the results to the board of elders and at the end of the presentation, I knew that I needed to go through this process. After 18 years at my church, I was feeling a bit lost and tired as a leader on a number of levels. After completing this process I have a whole new understanding of how I am wired, why I was feeling emotionally and physically depleted, what needed to change, where I needed to focus, and how I could stay in ministry and finish well. This process was so helpful, the board of elders put the entire staff through the process!

I am extremely thankful for Steve’s input! However, the greatest recommendation I can give does not come from me. As a result of seeing the results in the lives of our staff, 3 elders have signed up to go through this coaching process as well as several members of the congregation.

M. Schlomer, Pastor, Elim EFC Church


What Leadership Coaching Clients say about us…

“Before working with my Strategic People Development Coach, I privately struggled with self-confidence. In fact, I was constantly afraid that I was going to be ‘found-out,’ that I was not the leader I pretended to be. Once I was able to validate, communicate, and focus on my true leadership strengths and style, I stopped worrying about who I ‘wasn’t’ and developed confidence and a comfort level that has made me a better leader.” 

Dave B., Vice-President (large coffee company-name withheld)

“ I actually thought that the fact that my employees were scared of me was a sign of ‘respect.’
Boy... was I wrong! I am ‘wired’ to be naturally aggressive and that showed-up in how I communicated to them. Coaching showed me that I didn’t have to change my inherent wiring; just my style of communication. My employees are more comfortable around me and they actually produce more. My turnover has been cut in half. And it was an easy fix. Thanks.” 

Roger M.-District Manager (large insurance company-name withheld)

“Our executive team has been transformed. Before coaching we were just a group-doing our own thing and competing with other departments as if they were the enemy. Now we’re working together as a solid, tight-knit unit. Our numbers are strong, our culture is strong, and our loyalties are obvious. I can’t believe I waited this long to get help.” 

Sandy L. CEO  (major pharmaceutical company-name withheld)

“Thanks. It’s just nice to have a confidential, trusted person in whom to confide, without fear of consequences.” 

Tracy N.,  Vice Pres. (communications company-name withheld)


Comments from some of our Personal Coaching clients…

“Hugely insightful! Highly recommended for anyone at a life intersection or impasse, questioning, “Why am I here?!?” 

Doni-Retail Manager

“This process helped me to better understand myself and the way God designed me to be. It showed me that it was ‘OK” to be who I am-instead of fighting against it, trying to change, and constantly feeling defeated
.. It also raised my God-given ambition to shoot for the stars-to strive to become and have the impact that God designed for me.” 

Peter-Graduate student

“I feel I have gained a better knowledge of my desires and abilities for my personal life mission.”
Melissa-High School Student

“It gave me tangible information and affirmation of my ‘wiring.’ Great material!  

Jon-Computer programmer

“I have taken multiple tests and programs. This was the most practical and applicable assessment regarding what I should do with my life!”  

Steve-28 yr old Graduate student

”I had a good laugh at myself and then realized what a treasure I am and what to do for those empty-nest years.” Thanks!   

Janie-Mother (of 5) and wife

“This was so eye-opening. I feel that I now have the tools to find out what I’m supposed to do in life. I have struggled for many years with direction, but now I have a plan unfolding-I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do this!” 

Linda-45 yr old  retail manager